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The NESG group was created in 2012 with the aim of joining efforts and goals of several members in the area of Networking Engineering,  Dept. of Signal Theory, Telematics and Communications of the University of Granada (UGR).

With a multidisciplinary profile, the technological objectives of NESG are:

  • To actively contribute to the improvement of the management and monitoring of networking environments.
  • To collaborate with the scientific community in strengthening systems, networks and communication security.
  • To favor the creation of intra- and inter-group synergies which help to achieve the above goals.

In this context, a number of contributions by NESG regarding ICT security should be remarked in the form of publications in journals and conferences, projects and contracts, doctoral theses and organization of events. We should also note the active participation of NESG in the design and implementation of the Master in Cyber Security of the UGR and the creation and participation in the Spanish Research Excellence Network in Cyber Security.

Recently, the NESG's head has been designated as the responsible of the Catedra "IA, Cybersegurity and Cognitive Society" signed between the University of Granada and Telefónica Móviles SA, with the objective of generating a nucleus for reflection and analysis on research on the social impact of information technologies and telecommunications.


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