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Research Lines

The research interest of NESG is focused on cybersecurity, our efforts being aimed at providing and improving security in networks, systems and services, either for wired, wireless and mobile environments. The principal areas where we develop our work are as follows, each of them composed of several specific relevant topics:

  • Data processing and networkmetrics

    A necessary stage in system protection is that of information acquisition and analysis, so that the specific nature and dynamics of the monitored environment is captured. Some topics addressed here are:

        - Monitoring and supervision
        - Data acquisition and analysis
        - Multivariate data analysis
        - Big Data
  • Intrusion detection and protection

    A principal topic addressed by NESG is that of protecting network environments by means of two subsequent procedures: detection of malicious behaviors, and adoption of countermeasures. For that, specific research lines are:

        - Behavior modeling and classification (multivariate, HMM, clustering, SVM, GA, …)
        - Anomaly detection
        - Malware detection and classification
        - Countermeasures and response mechanisms
  • Ethical hacking and digital forensics

    In order to strengthen security of systems and services, specific analysis and evaluation tools should be deployed in the target environment. In this line, ethical hacking and digital forensics constitute well-known topics aimed at testing and recovering systems and services. Some specific aspects addressed by NESG in this area are:

        - Development of new ethical hacking methodologies
        - Techniques for network and system fingerprinting
        - Exploitation techniques and their countermeasures
        - Ethical Hacking capabilities training
        - Reverse engineering and malware analysis
        - Privacy mechanisms
        - Tools and methodologies for digital forensics
  • Cyberlaw

    In addition to previous technical aspects, cybersecurity must necessarily require the study of legal norms intended to regulate ICT related activities as well as users’ and professionals’ responsabilities. Among other relevant issues in this field, we can mention:
        - Data protection
        - Cybercrime
        - Cyberdefense
        - Digital Agenda and Single Digital Market
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