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José Camacho

Personal Information

Position: Staff Members Camacho, José
Research areas:
Phone: +34 958248898
Location: 2.18, ETSIIT


I am Associate Professor at the Department of Signal Theory, Networking and Communications in the University of Granada. I teach in several networking courses for undergraduate and graduate students. My research is on data analysis, with especial focus on networkmetrics. For more information, please refer to my personal web page.


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  • Camacho, J., Smilde, A. K., Sacc & Westerhuis, J. (2020). All Sparse PCS Models Are Wrong, But Some Are Useful. Part I. Computation Scores, Residuals and Explained Variance. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, 196, 1039072-. [More] 
  • Magán-Carrión, R., Camacho, J., Maciá-Fernández, G. & Ruiz-Zafra, A. (2020). MSNM-Sensor: An Effective Tool for Real-Time Monitoring and Anomaly Detection in Complex Networks and Systems. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, . [More] 
  • Camacho, J., Acar, J. & Rasmunssen, E. (2020). Cross-product Penalized Component Analysis (X-CAN). Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems, . [More] 
  • Camacho, J., Therón, R., García-Giménez, J. M., Maciá-Fernández, G. & García-Teodoro, P. (2019). Group-Wise Principal Component Analysis for Exploratory Intrusion Detection. IEEE Access, 7, 113081-113093. [More]