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SuMA: Survivability of MANET networks under security incidents

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Research areas:
In progress
Project leaders:
Pedro García-Teodoro
Jesús Esteban Díaz Verdejo; Gabriel Maciá-Fernández; José Camacho; Leovigildo Sánchez Casado; Rafael A. Rodríguez-Gómez; Roberto Magán-Carrión
Proposed start date:

In last years, MANET networks (“Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks”) have become a widely employed solution in order to deal with a variety of problems and issues in certain areas, such as environmental or military applications. However, the particular features of all these kind of scenarios (e.g. lack of fixed infrastructure, power consumption constraints, a shared channel of communication, etc.) make them especially sensitive to diverse security incidents.

This project aims to achieve the improvement of the security levels in this kind of networks, by means of new cross-layer detection mechanisms, i.e. mechanisms dealing with multi-layer information. In addition, some response mechanisms to security incidents and security attacks, based on multi-layer information, are studied and developed.