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TELEREHAB: Effective Home-based Tele-rehabilitation: research and development of systems, techniques, methods and mechanisms

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Research areas:
Project leaders:
Pedro García-Teodoro
Roberto Magán-Carrión; Jesús Esteban Díaz Verdejo; Gabriel Maciá-Fernández
Proposed start date:

Information and communication technologies have deeply contributed in the improvement of the society, in a variety of aspects: economy, leisure, culture, etc. One relevant field for the application of these technologies and systems is tele-medicine.

In this scenario, TELEREHAB is a research project with Robotiker foundation (currently Tecnalia) to design and develop a complete telematic system to allow remote rehabilitation (at home) of patients suffering from an ictus or traumatic amputation. All this is achieved by means of videoconference, patient-specialist mailing, therapeutic games, etc.