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Alejandro Pérez Villegas

Personal Information

Position: Collaborators Villegas, Alejandro Pérez
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Alejandro Pérez-Villegas, PhD candidate at the Department of Signal Theory, Telematics and Communications and member of the Network Engineering and Security Group (NESG), both at the University of Granada, Spain. He received the Computer Science Engineering degree in 2006 at the University of Granada, and the M.Sc. degree in Distributed, Multimedia and Secure Systems in 2009 at the University Carlos III, Madrid. After that, he worked at the Institute for Physical and Information Technologies within the Spanish National Research Council (CSIC), focusing on web applications security and intrusion detection systems. He is currently working on a transfer project with ProtectWise Inc., company of network security in the cloud headquartered in the US.

His research interests are mainly focused on anomaly detection and network security. More precisely, on the use of exploratory data analysis to Big Data for network security, and new visualization procedures for anomaly detection.





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