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Roberto Magán-Carrión

Personal Information

Position: Staff Members Magán-Carrión, Roberto
Research areas:
Phone: (+34) 958 24280
Location: 0.9 office at ETSIIT auxiliar building


Roberto Magán Carrión is a Ph.D.  at the Department of Signal Theory, Telematics and Communications of the University of Granada (Spain). He received his MSc degree in Telecommunications from the University of Málaga in 2008.

His research interests are focused on security in communication networks, specifically on anomaly detection and response/tolerance solutions once an attack is taking place. Both research lines are part of a more ambitious goal: to achieve resilient, reliable and survivable systems against security threats.

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  • Magán-Carrión, R., Abellán-Galera, A., Maciá-Fernández, G. & García-Teodoro, P. (2021). Unveiling the I2P web structure: a connectivity analysis. arXiv:2101.03212 [cs], . [More] 
  • Soufiane, S., Magán-Carrión, R., Medina-Bulo, I. & Bouden, H. (2021). Preserving authentication and availability security services through Multivariate Statistical Network Monitoring. Journal of Information Security and Applications, 58, 102785. [More] 
  • Magán-Carrión, R., Camacho, J., Maciá-Fernández, G. & Ruiz-Zafra, A. (2020). MSNM-Sensor: An Effective Tool for Real-Time Monitoring and Anomaly Detection in Complex Networks and Systems. International Journal of Distributed Sensor Networks, . [More] 
  • Ruiz-Zafra, A. & Magán-Carrión, R (2020). A Distributed Digital Object Architecture to Support Secure IoT Ecosystems. In Dorronsoro, Bernabé, Ruiz, Patricia, Torre, ., Carlos, J. et al (editors), Optimization and Learning, pages 195-205. Cham : Springer International Publishing. [More] 
  • Magán-Carrión, R., Urda, D., Díaz-Cano, I. & Dorronsoro, B. (2020). Towards a Reliable Comparison and Evaluation of Network Intrusion Detection Systems Based on Machine Learning Approaches. Applied Sciences, 10(5). [More]