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LAMBDA-R: Layer-based architecture model for the ubiquitous detection of network attacks and response

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Project leaders:
Pedro García-Teodoro
Jesús Esteban Díaz Verdejo; Gabriel Maciá-Fernández; Francisco de Toro Negro; Juan José Ramos Muñoz; Leovigildo Sánchez Casado; Juan Manuel López Soler
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This Project, the first one in network security field of the former members of what now is NESG, affords the design of a system for the detection of intruders, based on layers. In particular, the research team proposes the formal modeling of the network services considered, in order to make possible the detection of anomalies in the service provisioning. In addition, the project is also focused on the development of response mechanisms for the potential intrusions in the monitored scenario.

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